Unleash the Veloc-Ad-Raptor

How to make quick money with Veloc-Ad-Raptor

We ran a series of tests evaluating the benefits of Veloc-Ad-Raptor while we developed it. Compared to conventional approaches, our revenue increase ranged between 30% and 376%.

Veloc-Ad-Raptor in itself is a perfectly white hat ad delivery system so these figures were achieved with an impeccable white hat approach.

Have a look at the details of how and what we tested:

A. By exposure
Ad Space per site is limited and banners or other advertisements mostly go unnoticed.

Veloc-Ad-Raptor allows you to display ads at any size and slip them onto a visitor’s screen in any manner to the effect that your ads will NEVER go unnoticed again.

This improved exposure alone has pushed affiliate earnings for around 176 sites for me up an average of 37% over an evaluation period of two months.

B. By keywords
Veloc-Ad-Raptor displays ads/offers based on the keywords under which the visitors actually searched for when finding your sites.

We have run test in which we compared the conversion rates between randomly selected ads and ads specifically chosen based on keywords entered by visitors. The evaluation period again was two months for 216 sites. Average conversion with Veloc-Ad-Raptor went up 188%.

Our top result was 376% up for a single site.

C. By speed of deployment
We had a couple of webmasters manually deploy “full exposure and keyword based” offers as described above. They would on average need 6 minutes to run the routines for putting out a single offer on a single site.

Makes about one hour of concentrated work for a qualified person (in this case: you…) to put out merely 10 offers.

Depending on server capacity, Veloc-Ad-Raptor would need around 3 seconds per offer and site. Meaning the module works about 120 times faster than a qualified webmaster (just as you…)

Now you’ve got to ask yourself one question:

Do you Wash your linens by hand?
Whip your cream with a fork?
Water your lawn with a spoon?
Most likely not. You’re not a moron after all.

So you will want to spend your time finding targeted offers that best match keywords you really get traffic for.

And the better offers you can display on more sites, the more money this module is making for you in ever less time.

There is hardly a better way of making money than giving people exactly what they want and when they want it.

So how will you cash in with Veloc-Ad-Raptor?
By promoting
•    affiliate offers
•    CPA offers
•    High lighting services
•    Your money sites


In case you’re a lazy bone reluctant to figure out your own offers and ads, you can still achieve a steady income by slapping together your own ppv service.

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With this approach you’ll be ready for launch in five minutes and can cash in next week.

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