Need cash? Copy this!

Veloc-Ad-Raptor allows you to display anything on top of your site, including urls. This includes other people’s urls.

Contact people who are active on your niche, and allow them to display their sites right over yours.

Last year I set up a dozen white hat sites on Bali. Each site was filled with 12-50 articles written by freelancers for about a dollar a post.

But then I was lazy to actually monetize them fully…

I instead used Veloc-Ad-Raptor to sublet these sites.

Since then these sites generated $600 per month without another minute of my time.

Here is what I did:
I sent the following email to travel/real estate agents that I had googled just minutes prior.

Hi Webmaster,
Please forward this to the owner of the site:

I develop virtual real estate and I lease the traffic from my property. At this moment I have 12 active sites targeting Bali aka your market.

These sites have a collective traffic volume of 78k/mo.

Would you like to lease this traffic?

Here is how it works: every visitor that arrives on my sites will have full view of whatever you want him to see.

And I don’t mean ineffective banner ads. We can actually show them your full website or whatever else you want them to see or click.

I am sending the same offer to your competitors.

The first one to set up a PayPal subscription gets to step in front of all my traffic exclusively.

Only available in package at $600mo.

Makes $50 per month per site.

Or ¢0.08 per viewer. Makes it 125 viewers per dollar.

You won’t get it cheaper.

Expecting your long term tenancy.

Eternally yours

ps: reach me at +62.361.769274

Now guess what?
Making me 600 bucks a month ever since without further ado. $7200 a year from a $750 investment. That’s what I call reasonable return.

Guess what else?
You may perceive this as an early retirement plan… setting up 10 such groups (made easy by Mothership for as little as $27/mo)

Feel free to copy this letter and send it out to prospective customers (but don’t forget to change the bold values as appropriate!)

If you felt just an itsy bitsy more ambitious, you could change this into a real PPV by only selling based on view counts instead of monthly subscriptions – charging a higher rate.

This would pose the additional challenge of switching it off once the count is reached…

But of course you wanted to be as lazy as possible

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