Recommendations for Multilingo

There are two main reasons for you to maintain sites beyond the borders of the English-speaking world.

The first and most obvious is to promote yourself and your products on the respective markets with the intention of direct sales.

The second reason, less obvious but most likely more important is to build assets which can provide relevance and link juice to your English sites.

If you want to directly sell on foreign markets, you most likely will want to have the content of your English sites straightforwardly translate into the respective languages. If you look at the really “worldwide” markets, this would most likely imply Mandarin, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Arabic, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. With these languages and including English you would address about 95% of world’s spending power.

As decent translations into any of these languages would not really come cheap, you would first want to check if the respective markets would appear promising for your product. If you sell bibles, Mandarin would not bring you many customers, nor would Arabic boost your pork sausage sales or German increase your turnover for incense or pickled tea leaves…

So first check your markets, then hire your translators and find out: you’ll make more money.

Things are different when you just want to build web properties to boost your English sites rankings.

In this case any language will do, and you will not need to have anything professionally translated.

You most likely will not even need any specific content. All you are looking for here is unique content that provides meaningful links to your English sites.

Preferably in a language for which you can purchase content cheaply. So let Hungarian students write about soccer in Hungarian and link to your sport site, Filipino masseuses about spa products in Tagalong and link to your health sites – take whatever you get cheaply in any language.

You can hire your whole personal crew for ten bucks a day to supply you with multilingual content and indeed should do so to increase the relevance of your English sites.

If these people supply their articles to fill domains you own, you have finally become a developer of truly worldwide online assets.

No matter what you are building your non-English sites for, make sure that each language gets its own domain. Only then will the SE’s reward you fully.

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