Blog Networks Deindexed!

The news sent a shockwave through the worldwide blogging community that is still going to reverberate for some months to come.

There was even talk about a “massacre” and a sensitized blogger community went into full doomsday mode.

A fact that actually says more about the sadly uninformed state of this community than about the actual event to which was referred.

Because that event was pretty much just fuzz about nothing, as a closer looks reveals.

So let’s for the first time have a look at the naked facts.
Completely no-nonsense and without any massacres.

Build my Rank (BMR) and some others offered the service of building your links through their “own private” network. Technically that worked well and indeed improved rankings for their customers.

The underlying business model of all these service providers made them a lot of money as they were even paid by their own customers to maintain a growing network through which they reaped the real rewards in the form of monetizing the traffic you yourself actually donated to their party.

This business model however made their networks as public and vulnerable as they could possibly get.

An absolutely unchallenging target for Google as soon as traffic and revenue reached a state that Google considered detrimental for it’s own benefit.

All that Google had (and still has) to do is buying links or posts from every entity that sells such services – and see where these posts and links finally pop up and discredit/deindex them accordingly.

Like it or not: it’s just that simple.

Believe it or not: Google can indeed afford to spend a hundred bucks on such services with the sole intention to shoot them down.

So basically deindexing proved only two things and nothing else:
•    These commercial link slingers were indeed effective enough to manipulate search results. Hats off to them! Google itself proved how well they worked.
•    Google however also proved that a sustainable network really must be completely private and not just claim to be so

So how could these services actually have maintained this required privacy and still have made a shit load of money?

Again the answer is simple enough:
Had they actually created a number of networks and each restricted to the promotion of their own stuff instead of selling services publicly, they would not have been caught with an open fly.

Just think about this for a moment and you will realize how easily you could do for yourself exactly the same stuff which you originally hired these services for and even much more.

With your own network you could build links and posts, manipulate your rankings, cash in on ads, milk all that traffic, build brand awareness, tickle social networks.

Playing social networks in your favor via strictly private blog networks will clearly be the money printing license of the near future. All experts agree at least on that if nothing else. You should listen to them.

(We might feel inclined to even elaborate on this a bit later on. Subscribe if you want to hear about stuff like this.)

But if you wanted with your own private network you could even sell links to other people as in friends and close contacts as long as you don’t do in public. Discretion is key.

So instead of getting the creeps over Google deindexing your favorite service, why not rather setting up your favorite service including all the cash flow?

Now do you want to whine or do you want to dine?

You want to dine, step up to the challenge. Be master of your own network. Just realize that none of these services ever sold you ANYTHING AT ALL you could not actually have had exclusively all for yourself.

It comes even better: get rid of the notion that blog networks are there strictly for link building. They indeed are good for link building, but they are also good for so much more and most people possibly never think about it.

Imagine you were a horse whisperer in Montana. You want to let people know you are there, you want to build brand awareness.

Now you could pay for ads and see your money gone for good OR use that very money to build assets. Assets, which grow over time without loosing a dime. Assets, which on top provide continuous advertising for your service of horse whispering.

Of course you will have sites about horse whispering, horse diets, hand made saddles and what not.

But why on earth would that hold you off from also having sites on the Montana Rotary club, Montana salon reviews, Montana radio stations, Montana pest control, Montana ceramic workshops and whatever pops up in your local economy.

Make money from them while of course prominently displaying your services and building your brand from every possible angle.

That’s how pros make money: from both sides at the same time.

What prevents most people actually from doing this is the time investment involved. Managing a large number of sites is tedious and takes of lot of time – or a really smart software.

Until now such software was custom developed and held under lock and seal by the big players like BMR.

But the times have changed. Now such stuff is available for you as well. Tried and true, set up in a way that even laymen and horse whisperers can apply on the fly.

Summon the power of your own network.

Build your own assets instead of paying others to build theirs.

Others are doing it now.

Follow the sign of the times.

Don’t be late to your own party.

Don’t know how to do it?

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