From beginner to Pro

One of the most fundamental and at the same time most disregarded rules of advanced Internet marketing luckily also happens to be one of the simplest:

Mass makes all the difference

A single domain, no matter how well made and saturated with quality content is either a pet project or an established brand with unlimited budget.

You want to become a pro and do not own such an established brand basically means: you do not want to have a single site. And you do not want to have a couple of well-tended sites either. Instead you want to have a massive and steadily growing number of sites.

The universe of websites contains an unlimited number of stars, clustered in an unlimited number of galaxies. To register in this universe, to make any difference at all, you need at least one pretty bright shining star cluster. You need your private big bang in the net universe.

This rule is not affected in any way by the black or white question. Your black site gets marked and shot down, your white site, even if properly optimized, might not even qualify for any special registration on a search engine ranking radar. You can do it this way, that way or both ways at the same time: you will still fail to achieve optimal results unless you go multiple. Massively multiple.

Running a large number of domains allows better market penetration: you are already holding position one, that’s wonderful for you, but why not much better hold positions one to ten and STILL hold them after there was a little change in the SERPs?

Running a large number of domains allows better market penetrationRunning a large number of sites allows better market breadth. You are already holding position one for one keyword, that’s fine for you, but why not much better hold positions one to ten for ten different keywords and STILL hold them after there was a little change in the SERPs? Why be content with good rankings for ten key words, when you could enjoy these very same rankings for a hundred keywords and ten thousand key word combinations?

Running a large number of sites allows a straight view at market intelligence: some designs work and sell better than others. Which ones are these? You can only extrapolate such insights from the comparative analysis of a large number of sites. Create twenty sites with same content but different layouts and you will observe after a few days what works best. That’s how to achieve higher conversion at lower costs.

Running a large number of sites allows proper evaluation of new search queries. New market tendencies, new key words gaining popularity: with single sites you can never possibly gain any pattern recognition. In the best case you may just believe what others claim to recognize. So now create twenty sites with same content, but different key words. And twenty more for the same key words, but small variations in content: it takes a lot of clicking visitors to create a pattern, even more until you can finally identify that pattern, but once you do, it pays off massively.

Running a large number of sites allows for more free traffic and more ad space.

Running a large number of sites allows you to single out specific sites within your very own network for improved rankings by increased and refined internal linking. If you own just one site, you have to optimize it all by yourself. If you own one hundred sites, that makes 99 sites to feed your brightest star. You just lean back, watch it go nova and cash in.

Running a large number of sites allows for focused promotion of selected products and services – which would indeed constitute your first step into the world of real branding. If you want a star to go nova, you don’t start off with a matchstick. If you want to create and establish a brand on the net, you launch a large number of sites, and not just a single domain.

Running a large number of sites allows you to establish clearer structures and hierarchies for precision marketing: you can in example focus on localized marketing – everything in and around Barcelona –

Or product and service related marketing – everything around shoes or dental clinics –

Or combinations – everything around pet products in Alabama.

Try to look at things from a fisherman’s perspective here. You throw out a single hook from the beach, that’s surely fun, but you are not fishing to make money. You do it for recreation. No matter how successful, you remain a bloody hobbyist. You want to fish professionally and with the cash in mind, you go with a fleet, throw out big nets with various hole sizes and lots of various hooks in addition.

So you see: Going multiple makes for multiple benefits. In the website universe it basically is a no-brainer. Single stars are just swallowed by the Black Hole of the SERPs.

Once you have decided to go multiple, you will need a fast fleet with maiden bots to maintain your star cluster at top performance with just a few mouse clicks. This fleet is ready for you. It launches off WPMothership. (Launching soon)

Join and command.

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