WP FileJuggler Tutorial


WP FileJuggler


Here’s how it works:

Once installed, WP FileJuggler shows you a search bar on top.

  • You can search for last updates by entering the name of the days as in ‘Monday’ or by number of pervious days as in”-2days” or “-3weeks” or “-1month”.
  • You can also search for specific dates as in “mm/dd/yy” or a range as in “mm/dd/yy – mm/dd/yy”
  • Files can be searched for by their names or by their extensions as in “.txt”
  • Permissions can be searched for based on their octal numeric values as in “777”

WP FileJuggler Tutorial

Why would we want to do this? Because it helps us to find files that have been or could be attacked by hackers or viruses.

You can refine your search to start with a specific directory or search them all.

WP FileJuggler Tutorial


Below the search bar you see a list of all your files including location, size, permissions and last updates. For each files it allows delete, preview, edit and change of permission. For edits a window will open on the bottom of your window.

Wp FileJuggler Tutorial


For bulk action you see check boxes on the far right. Select all targeted files and choose a bulk action from the scroll down menu below. For bulk actions you can delete, change permission and download a zip with all selected files.

WP FileJuggler tutorial


On the left bottom you find a button for upload. It also allows for bulk upload.

Wp FileJuggler tutorial


Ready to give it a try for yourself?

Grab a copy of the WP File Juggler plugin below.




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