WP Importer: Step-By-Step Guide


WP Importer

Let us guide you step by step through the complete process

We start with building a simple directory using WP-Importer & WP-Spin Engine. Both of these plugins you need to install into wordpress.

We use our example given previously for the “Shanghai pimps” and create a basic database containing 315 records.

Download a copy of the Shanghai Pimps sample database and follow along.

We build these records into 315 wordpress posts.

1. Select the file format: .csv, click import.

Step 1


2. Enter into Post Title as follows:

Step 2

Please note how we spin the Post Title in this example.

Meet "[[NAME]]" a {Well Known|Sleazy|Mean|Real} Shanghai Pimp


3. Enter into post body as follows. Again please note how we spin the Post Body.

Step 3

A basic directory using all our tokens and some spin from the Shanghai Pimp database would look like this:

Name: [[NAME]]
{Street|Nick} Name: [[NICK_NAME]]
Services {Provided|Offered}: [[SERVICES]]
{Normally found around|Operates at}: [[STREET]], [[TOWN]]
{Pager|Beeper} {#|Number}: [[BEEPER]]
Identifying Traits: [[TRAITS]]
Payment Methods Accepted: [[PAYMENT]]
Preferred Clientele: [[CLIENTELLE]]


4. Enter into Post Excerpt as follows. Once more observe the spin.

Find out all the {tasty|interesting|juicy} {details about|stats for} [[NAME]] a {Well Known|Sleazy|Mean|Real} Shanghai Pimp that goes by the name of [[NICK_NAME]]

Step 4


5. Set dates and limits to your liking.

Step 5


6. Enter into new parent category:

Step 6


7. Enter into WordPress Tags as follows. Observe the spin.

Step 7


8. Enter into Meta Title as follows.

Step 8


9. Enter into Meta Keywords as follows.

Step 9


10. Enter into Meta Description as follows. Observe the spin.

Step 10


11. Save configuration.

Step 11


12. Open the Preview/Create Posts tab. Then Click Preview. Check if everything was rendered correctly.

Step 12


13. Click create post.

Step 13

Congratulations. You’re done!

You just created your first basic directory site using WPImporter containing 315 posts with 6 categories and 260+/- tags. Check out the Quick n Dirty demo site you just built.

On the Post Configuration page you find a yellow box. If you made any mistakes, you can click “this link” to reset the counter to correct your mistakes. Also you can click the “this delete link” to remove all posts of this project.

Yellow Box




Step-By-Step Guide