Merdah & Tualen


Program code is the first really universal language that unites the globe. Cultural walls dematerialize or get permeable. Ideas and concepts float freely in all directions.

If you work in a mixed team as we do, east and west go in and come back to you in fusion, not white or black, not up and down, not heaven or hell – until you almost forget what was what before the big bang of code.

Tualen & Merdah drawingSo I never actually quite registered when or how Tualen sneaked into my world. He had become my teammate before I ever knew. And he brought his brother Merdah along. Another teammate.

Both had sprung from the ancient Mahabharata epos right into my own drama of website optimizing. In the traditional Balinese Shadow Puppet Theatre these two appear invariably as the servants of the Hindu hero Arjuna and create quite some funny chaos.

Tualen always is depicted as pitch black like carved of coal. Old, ugly, wise, devout to his master and rather formal.

His younger brother Merdah is the opposite: with pale complexion really handsome and young, he has nothing in mind but pranks. Sometimes outrageously silly, but in his endless quarrels with Tualen frequently reflecting the classical antagonisms: between old and new, orderly and chaotic, traditionally and revolutionary – the possible interpretations are as unlimited as our software solutions.

For the Soft Warp crew Tualen & Merdah have developed into a running gag, where both stand for different aspects of our work situation and the embedded conflicts.

The obedient Tualen symbolizes the white hat faction; the anarchic Merdah takes the stand of the black hats.

The old Tualen stands for the commander, the young Merdah for the crew.

Arse TattooThe slow Tualen nests in the traditional software development, while quirky Merdah always seeks new approaches and uproots the old ones.

They are the only ones here that work 24/7 and have their noses sometimes not so discreetly into virtually everything.

And if you read our crew profile page you can easily guess who among the team members takes which side in the daily duel of the highflying spirits.