Crew shot

The Crew

I am Dewi Zulaikah, and no, I am not here to clean the dishes, nor do I rearrange the flowers. I do everything social here. Take a look at these guys and you know why that has to be me. But of course all our visitors like to think I was some kind of “secretary”.

Now what I am actually good with is language. Real life, real people language as opposed to code. So I am involved with everything that is Facebook, Twitter, media presence, public relations in short. I also attend to everything that is supposed to look pleasant. Except for the flowers and the floors. As a reward for good looks I was awarded the top position here on this page.

My name is Sugiartha, but they call me Kopral SU!
I come from Sanur galactic, the place you should visit when the sun is ready.

White base colony knows me as MI, mission impossible man. Well, that’s not true. I’m not really a good coder. But I have imagination. To ‘see’ a project or issue even before starting, you need strong imagination.

I like coding very much. It feels like you are flying high on some asteroid, you can manage, manipulate, create or even destroy data galaxies. Like a God, man!

But as wise man said, with great power comes great responsibility. I agree with that advice and it became my motto. You should use your talent to make people happy!

Enjoy Aja!

Ida Bagus Made Apribawa “Bowo”
My parents said: I should have become a doctor. But I’ve done much better. I repair machines now. Machines are cleaner than people, at least on the inside. So I am Doctor Fix it, with a PhD for chaos prevention from the University of Breakdown. I have always been that way: I like the clean and shiny surfaces of stuff, but I want to know what mess is hiding inside. Something fails to function: it makes me nervous. I have to go into it, understand it and bring it back to clean and shiny. I don’t even care what it is: a camera, a hard disk, a blender – for me it is about a universal principle: love the surface, but know what’s behind.

I Kadek dwi Paramandita “Dwi”
I dream of one day doing really cool video clips, with famous rock stars and pretty girls. Lots of pretty girls. And I am quite sure that day will come. Until then I like buttons. Buttons on all kinds of electronic equipment and gadgets. I just can’t let my fingers off them and have to try everything. And buttons on screens. Commands on editing software. These quick clicks that change colors, backgrounds, textures, and whole universes at the command of my fingertips. I really dig that. What I don’t like: science and logic. My life is all about inspiration and feeling. Visual communication, that’s how the commander calls it.
I call it fun.

I Putu Adi Sukawana Putra “Putu”
I am a cartoon fan. Plain and simple. I loved cartoons since childhood. They are about making complicated things simple while keeping them colorful. I like this concept. That’s why I like programming. Same concept: complex tasks cut into simple chunks and straight chains, clear commands, using mighty languages. From the complex to the simple. I don’t care what lingo it is: php, ajax, java – they are all better than human talking, if you ask me. No chatter, just purpose and structure. That’s how I am, that’s who I am.