WP Automailer

WP Automailer

This is a free spamming tool to induce loads of first contacts with minimal effort – every black hat loves this bread and butter slave.The basic concept is about as simple as it gets. Enter your target keywords, create a customized mail template, shoot – Automailer will now send emails to every website that got within the keyword radar.

Every webmaster is happy about receiving free additional content!

With WP Automailer, you can:

  • offer to supply free articles or
  • offer to publish their content on your site or
  • offer your services and products or
  • invite people to become affiliates or
  • offer to position industry news or
  • contact people to join via social networks
  • spam your SEO service
  • email the top ranking domains. (WP Automailer automatically targets the no. x top ranking sites.)

Well, presented these options achieve better conversion rates than begging for link exchanges ever could.

For even more efficiency WP Automailer includes some smart features and let’s you create mails with on the fly personalization. A powerful tool for launching massive marketing campaigns with unrivalled coverage.

WP Automailer

Let us instruct you right there how you can get the maximum benefit out of this indispensable plugin:

  • On top is the off/on switch.
  • In testing mode you sent an email to yourself. Sure fire approach to check the quality of your output
  • Below your enter your keywords. More is better. The engine picks out one keyword per time and per selected search engine. This is to keep your email volume low and steady, which circumvents spam filters.
  • Under email options you can choose between a variety of dynamic tokens to be placed in email subject and body. Copy what you need and paste into the text boxes email subject and email content. Use these toys smart to avoid gibberish content.
  • Under email account you can modify the defaulted user names.
  • The field at the bottom allows you to fine-tune your output. Choose lower output for higher spam filter avoidance. WP Automailer comes with full log anddoes not require cron.
  • The exclude list at the bottom contains all domains you don’t want to spam. We already have supplied a large number of them, you might want to add even more.

WP Automailer is the digital heart that keeps pumping your promo, Strong ‘n Steady!

Now just lean back and choose to respond. WP Automailer will continue to operate until you switch it off or it runs out of keywords. To get it up and running just takes minutes.  To download it now just takes seconds.


It’s unencrypted. Modify away and taste the rainbow…  You better snatch it before your competitor beats you to it.




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