WP Importer

If you want to make a single buck using wordpress, you need to have this plugin at hand. Of all the little tools available within the WordPress community, this one is the most essential because it helps you build big sites in no time.

You wanna make a quick grand, you should be able to mash up a big local directory and sell to the nearest plastic surgeon. Let him now that he can get all the traffic for free instead of paying 25$ per click to Google. All the traffic from a 50,000 page site..

WP Importer sucks content out of almost every data base or spread sheet you can possibly access and merges your data into blog posts that you can publish quickly and in unlimited numbers. With WP Importer the number of your posts is only limited by the size of the data bases you can gain access to. And these databases you can recycle over and over again to produce ever more content.

WP Importer

This implies everything saved in excel or SQL, everything tabulated with a .txt file extension or XML/RSS formatted feeds – almost every format that is commonly used to organize data lists.

The imported data gets converted into tokens, the number and content of which is defined by the number and content of data fields within the source. These tokens can be quickly organized in multiple groups and lay outs. You can easily create mash up sites on the fly incorporating images from Flickr, video from YouTube, Google Maps, content from RSS feeds and any user defined tokens.

WP Importer comes extremely handy to:

  • Convert price lists into websites
  • Create affiliate shops from affiliate feeds
  • Build directories from address lists
  • Create review sites from product lists
  • Set up mad libs from your key word lists

You want to become the local guru in your SEO community, this is where you start to dump out web content in real bulk and create your luscious own net work starting with your own local market and consequentially just extend and grow into all neighboring niches.

WP Importer

And if you ever want to cover:

  • All pet shops in Oregon,
  • Allrocket engine repair shops in Paris and
  • All pimps in Shanghai

WP Importer will get your messages and your content over effortlessly and in no time.


We give it to you free of charge because we want you to stay with us. Stay tuned and grow with us.

We want to become world’ s sleekest developer for hyper efficient Internet marketing tools. That is a long way to go. We start off giving the basics away for free. Once you have turned pro with our help, you’ll have made enough cash to pay for our core services.

To see how efficient our tools are, just download WP Importer. We developed WP Importer as a commercial grade application with free unencrypted code for personal customization. We use it everyday and had dismissed it long ago had we found any flaw. But there is none.




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