WP LiveStats

WP-LiveStats is another fundamental tool from our collection of free web marketing plug ins. Nobody in this business can exist without instantaneous analysis, and so can’t you.

Catch traffic spikes as they happen!

Just install it and be informed forever. WP LiveStats shows you in real time

•    who is on your sites,
•    who is active
•    the visitor’s name
•    what they are clicking,
•    from where they originally arrived,
•    for how long they are staying,
•    which key phrases they entered into what SE and
•    complete comment counts

In one word, everything you really need to know you get at a glance right in your header. That makes for full information coverage of your site from wherever you are within your WP Dashboard. As an additional benefit WP LiveStats shows you all the bots crawling through your site.

WP LiveStat

If you spot a SE in the referrer link, you can click on it and WP-LiveStats will show you the exact search results that your visitor got. It is a smart thing to review these SERP’s to analyze the quality of your listings.

It’s a must have!



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