WP Nibbler

WP Nibbler

WP Nibbler introduces you into the wonderful world of the Internet marketer’s deadly sins. It’s all about gluttony. If you want to be modest, it allows you to just nibble. But we don’t limit you, so feel free to gorge where you really can have your fill: at Yahoo Answer, one of world’s largest databases for text content.

Fatten your sites up with lively content

Nothing fills your spam sites quicker with highly variable content that floods the SERPs. With a little cron job, it becomes auto updating – unlimited content spawning at your fingertips. There’s no sweeter sin for auto-bloggers than WP Nibbler.

Unlike other sins WP-Nibbler comes free and requires no later repentance.

WP Nibbler

WP Nibbler is so simple to use we hardly dare to explain it:

  • On the main page click “add new treat”.
  • Select a category to save to.
  • Select countries/regions/languages from the scroll down menu.
  • Select answers category from the scroll down menu.
  • Select answers sub-category from the scroll down menu.
  • Enter your keywords
  • Set the maximum number for questions to run per post.
  • As a default each post comes with a yahoo answer banner. You may deselect at will.
  • Save or save and start action.

To increase efficiency and get auto update, you want to include a cron job. We have one preset for you ready to use. In case it should conflict with other plugins, you can redefine it.

WP Nibbler

Once WP Nibbler is running, Yahoo questions become posts and Yahoo answers become comments. The good thing here is that frequently changing comments make your sites appear more active for all visitors.

So that is the master benefit of WP-Nibbler. It adds social proof to you site: visitors tend to stay longer and instill more trust where they find a large number of lively comments. This highly increased stickiness even works for SE’s – a cool and simple technique to better results.

Five minutes of clicking revived a dead site into something worth having!

Six months ago I built a website on baby names with WP Importer. To spice it up I nibbled a bit on Yahoos Answers to baby names and activated the result in a “Recent Comments” side bar widget. It just took a second and the site looked so much cooler. Why was that? The site suddenly was teeming with life.

We at least expected a measurable benefit, but as a matter of fact only one month later the ratio between numeric visitors and real life human commentator’s had improved by massive 320%. Conversion on our newsletter subscriber box jumped up 89.7%.

So you want to have it, too?

It’s free!




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