WP Peel Off

WP Peel Off

WP-Peel off is a free and super simple wordpress plugin with a totally straightforward purpose: to pull people onto your target. Hardly anybody can resist the temptation to finger stuff. “Play drive” is an inherited trait of humanity, completely overwhelming. Especially if something wiggles and squirms.

WP Peel Off

So let your visitors do, what they crave to do while you lure them to where you really want them to land. WP-Peel off pulls off just this mighty trick.

  • Curiosity catches the customer. Mystery increases conversion rates.
  • Works best on sites for people with an infantile regression syndrome.

WP Pill Off option page

Here’s how you pull it off:

  • Name your peel-off.
  • Turn it on.
  • Paste in your IP for a quick test run.
  • Allocate your pre-moused picture.
  • Allocate your post-moused picture.
  • Allocate your target URL.
  • Set your time frame.
  • Save and shoot.

You’re done in seconds!

We are born lazy, stubborn and vain. Once we’ve made a decision we are quite reluctant to review it. So once you’ve got your visitor to flip, he’ll most likely want to click as well. That makes WP-Peel off such an alluring click teaser.

Click-teasing for free.

Don’t resist!


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