WP Shorties

WP Shorties

Is our tiny gift to the affiliate community. Tiny in size, but high in value. Shorties streamlines countless and endless URL’s into neat little formulas that you can remember any time and everywhere.

With Shorties you can come up with customized URL’s as short as you like them, whenever you need them. A plugin to make your life a lot easier and your performance a lot faster.

Shorties is a short cut to affiliate link cloaking.
Something to tune up your elevator pitch.

Shorties even counts, where it counts: at a single glance you will see the clicks stats for all your links. No more cheating by affiliate providers.

Plus our new multidirectional distributor options:

You can distribute your clickers to various destination urls and chose the probability of where they will land. Great for split testing multiple offers.

You also can create urls which when accessed/clicked will open multiple pages. Here is an example.

Shorties is up and running within seconds. Install, define your setting, enter long source and short target URL’s and make more money.

How about a real world example: your fat nagging hag of a mother-in-law wants to make a mil with weight loss pills. Of course she expects you to make that happen.

Now imagine: you could relay her to
(and she’ll smack you over the head for that insult)

– or just tell her about your favorite site
which will solve all her problems. (But indeed refers her to those Russian programmers who set up sites starting at only a thousand bucks.)

Tell her these guys are better than you, but she will need a lot of fucking sites. She will be impressed, while you cash in 10% from the Russian for each one.

You get the idea? Building sites for other people is not a smart thing to do with your time. So the next moron comes asking “can you build me ten sites?” just tell him to fuck off and give him one of your sweet and short URLs which all land on the Russians lap.

Do that ten times a day, hey, cash keeps flowing in while you screw Brazilian asylum seekers or build yourself some more money sites.

WP Shorties

Be the life of the party with a short URL for mint flavored maxi pads or other cunt cookies, and even get a commission on that. 90% of your audience will still remember your URL the next day and tell their friends.

Your affiliate links go viral, both online and off!

Speaking off cookies: imagine finding out your affiliate provider is cheating you on click throughs after you wasted hundreds of hours on promoting his products.

You’ll wish you had downloaded WP Shorties. You could switch the affiliate destination URL’s in a heartbeat.

All thanks to WPShorties.

In case we’ve just blown your mind:

WP Shorties is still free.





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