WP-SlideUp Free Wordpress Plugin

WP SlideUp

Place your banners in a way that they actually catch the eye. Let your ads rise to the occasion where you want them and when you want them.

WP SlideUp

WP-SlideUp is a standard plugin to smoothly slide ad space in and out on the bottom of every type of page. When you have several ads it will randomly rotate them. WP-SlideUp also features integrated statistics to show you the number of visitors and the number of visitors who actually clicked on your ads so as to show you the conversion rate. At a glance you can see what’s pumping and what’s worth dumping.

It’s free!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Name your SlideUp.
  2. Set a schedule for the display of the SlideUp.
  3. Set the delay. You can determine after how many seconds the SlideUp will display.
  4. Select the occurrence. You can choose between a display for every visitor or for every visit.
  5. Specify the size of the display. You can choose between pixel and percent.
  6. Select a background color.
  7. Select transparency in percent.
  8. Set redirect if you want to the whole SlideUp area into be a link.
  9. Specify SlideUp content. You have two options here:
    • You can either enter a URL for your content – image, form or whole site. Whatever you enter here will slide up. (cookie stuffers like that, but be aware of legal implications!)
    • Alternatively, you can write html/javascript/css code for your content into the larger text area.

WP SlideUp options

You can assign slide ups to display only on selected posts/pages. Just as you have different t-shirts for different occasions, for best conversion rates you have to display different slide-ups on different posts/pages. Let us immediately make clear why this feature makes all the difference.

WP SlideUp enhances your ads with elegant movement. This movement combined with well-matched messages directly translates into higher conversion rates.

Imagine reading an article about the challenges of designing WordPress themes. It talks about manually slicing up PSD files to create WP elements, proper syntax, design pitfalls and browser compatibility.

An ad for one year of web hosting for 9.99$ slides up. You might click it. It’s related. But would you not rather click, when the same article up-slides a form to instantly download a software that can automatically convert psd files into WP themes in 90 seconds?

Trying to anticipate your customer’s cravings before they even now they have them is a surefire way to phenomenal conversion rates. Elegant SlideUps affect your bank account.

Have them for free!




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