WP Spin Engine

WP Spin Engine

WP Spin Engine is an essential tool in the wordpress universe for site building sorcerers. WP Spin Engine allows us to spawn a large volume of unique content. Embedded in the right environment, we can do that in almost no time from our self-defined text including html. Having a lot of unique versions with varying content significantly increases the stickiness of our pages in the Search Engine.

Be smart, reduce redundancy and evade duplicate content penalties.

Once WP Spin engine is installed, all compatible plugins will allow us to:

  • Spin text, HTML and Javascript into compatible fields
  • View output variables for our text
  • Spin automated backlinks from html
  • Auto-transform large text blocks into single spins
  • Embed unlimited spins within spins (“multi nested enabled”)

Consider WP Spin engine as a fundamental performance enhancer for a large number of web tools/plugins. It is compatible with our plugins including WP Importer, WP Tuber, WP Nibbler and WP Automailer. We are the only developer to provide free unencrypted code for premium plugins, which can be customized for your personal use.

With WP Spin Engine you can spin sentences, paragraphs, image html and links. Here, we just give you some examples for spinning single words. We start with the simplest construction.

The {brown|brownish|spotted} dog {leaped|jumped|flew|hopped} over the {fence|gate|wall}.

This is a simple nested spin:

The {brown|brownish|{polk a dotted|spotted}} dog {leaped{ gracefully|}|jumped|flew|hopped} over the {fence|{green |turquoise |}gate|wall}.

Easy to create and fun. You surely get the idea here.

Now comes a more complex one:

{<a href="http://mysite.com">{anchor1|anchor2|anchor3}</a> |||||||||}

This spin produces a 10% chance for one of three possible links.

No matter how smart and rich your big site projects are…
If you lack an EFFECTIVE SPINNER, You can’t milk their full potential!


Where do I place my spins?

Every field in a compatible plugin where spins can be applied has three icons for spin commands.

WP Spin Engine icons

Those icons are:

Link WeaverLink Weaver: is to spin html links.

Sentence DividerSentence divider: extracts single phrase spins from large text blocks.

PreviewPreview: shows you ten selected samples for your applied spins. The samples change after each click. This constitutes a quick view to check if your spins principally work out in the intended way.

That’s three icons to cast a difference into your next build.




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