WP Thesaurus

Autoblogger’s favorite wording machine strikes at the best moment: when you publish in WordPress WP-Thesaurus compares your source material with your customizable dictionary and replaces words accordingly.

Fly low to stay high!

This is a fast and reliable way to stay under the SE’s duplicate content radar and offer their spiders what they like best: content that smells fresh and unique.


WP-Thesaurus not only comes for free, but already equipped with our own well-compiled dictionary. Our WPDic is easily extendable. You can either enter your own words separated by pipes or import them from any text file and automatically reformat them for pile separation. It cooperates flawlessly with all our content generating plugins, i.e. WP-Importer, WP-Tuber and WP-Nibbler. Once WP-Thesaurus is activated, these plugins will show the respective options.

WP Thesaurus

With WP-Thesaurus you don’t have to rewrite scraped content by yourself – the plugin will automatically do it for you, avoiding duplicate content penalties.

WP-Thesaurus is one of the simplest tools to achieve ranking improvements for autoblogger’s content. So treat the spiders and download this treat FOR FREE!


Here’s a couple thesaurus databases to get you started. (English & Indonesian included)

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