WP Tuber

WP Tuber

Nurtures your sites with tubed video content. The nurturing tubes directly stem from YouTube. So if your ideas are weak or not flowing, don’t get a headache, switch on WP Tuber, and have YouTube born videos pumped in. WP Tuber automatically pipes the YouTube tags into WP tags, which gives you extra pages in the SERPs. This WordPress plugin is simple, essential and of course free.

A meat and potatoes tool for the savvy auto-blogger.

WP Tuber

Here is how you set it up:

  • Add a new tube. Each tube sucks in a new video theme.
  • Select the category to save it in.
  • Select date range.
  • Select maximum number of posts to grab.
  • Select daily range for randomization.
  • Select YouTube categories to grab from. Multiselection is enabled.
  • Choose target language.
  • Enter the keywords under which you want to publish the keywords.
  • Save configuration or save and start process.
  • You can use different search criteria within a single categories.

WP Tuber options

Under the options tab you can

  • Select a location for image files of thumbnails/screenshots grabbed form YouTube. WP folder is default.
  • Limit characters for video description
  • Limit size for video display
  • Define the layout of the templates. Defaulted are lay outs we found to work best under general purposes.
  • Define the time out for a running operation. Default is 90s. You would only change that if your server is finicky.
  • We have preset a cron code for you. This one works for WP Tuber. If it should conflict with other plugins, you can redefine it.

BitcoinOtakuVoetbalHR Giger

Now let’s slap together a couple of quick sites about Bitcoin, Otaku, Voetbal and HR Giger to give you the idea. Bitcoin and HR Giger we do in English, Otaku in Japanese and Voetbal in Dutch. Now have a look.

Best of all: we neither speak Thai nor Dutch. Each one took us 90 seconds to populate.

Try to find anything that does the job faster. Honestly spoken there is, but it doesn’t come for free. This one does!



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