Wp Vibe-orator

WP Vibe-orator

Bribe for the vibe. Why do all the marketing by yourself, if you can easily treat your visitors to do it for you? Using nothing but a salty little trick? WP Vibe-orator is the magician who performs the trick. You just have to choose which one… You see: it’s all about scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. ‘Vibe versa’ one might say in this case.

Batteries not required,
but Word Press is!

Offer your visitors whatever reward you see fit if they grant you a favor. This might be a thumbs up on Stumbleupon, a tweet on twitter, a dig on digg, a mention on reddit, or a backlink from their own site or any other for that matter.

Offer them free downloads in the form of pdf reports, software, coupons, tasty links, naughty bitches, REALLY secret passwords – here are certainly no limitations to express your creativity.

All of you are familiar with the system of bribery for the purpose of lead bait. You must already have something, right? If you’re feeling lazy, recycle that old stuff. If you feel even lazier, offer your picture in some compromising position ready for download. You’d be surprised how well it would sell.

Let me put my money where my mouth is:
I’ll give you an glorious picture of me on a tropical beach in underwear.
The price of admission is a backlink.
Link to any page on softwarp.com from any website you wish. Once the link is live, copy and paste the url of the page where you placed the link into the box below and press submit.


This example just shows one of the many ‘favor options’ this module entices your visitors to spread the right vibes.

If you preferred to share our link on Twitter, Stumbleupon, Reddit and Digg, you’d have to enter your respective user name for this service. Vibe-orator would immediately scour this account and look if you actually mentioned our url or not. Then you could still access the corny picture.


You can create as many individual offers incorporating as many services as you wish and place them wherever you want using short codes. The process is simple, the rewards can be juicy:

A trick for a treat!

All of your visitors have a unique herd following them. If any of them shares, a number from their flock will notice. So anybody to take your offer will potentially lure quite a number of new visitors. We call that significant traffic increase and obvious benefits for SEO.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Name your offer
  • Select which type of favor(s) you are looking for.
  • Enter the success message. (This would be the message that contains your offer)
  • Enter a failure message. (This would be the message displayed if the visitor did not follow through the due process.)
  • Define which domain Vibe-orator is to look for.
  • Save.
  • Now place the short code wherever you want it. This could be on a post, in a page or a widget.

WP Vibe-orator

Vibe-orator will return positive as long as the specified domain is contained in the url or within the account of the user name entered. This Vibe-orator you don’t have to hide in your bedstand. You can place it right out in the open on your site.

But you have to download it first!



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